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Lane Morrell, Instructor

About Kids Art Colorado

"The kids are a joy to work with,

I don't know who has more fun, them or me!"

Lane Morrell has been painting with oils for many years. Influenced by timeless artists like Monet and Rembrandt and more recently Michael Flohr, she is inspired to put color, beauty and feeling into her paintings just as these incredible artists have. Lane spent time living in England, France and Japan, and has traveled extensively. Her love for all things English is evident in her work, especially the nightlife—pub scenes and double decker buses that are so classic. The use of strong colors and unusual subjects makes her work original and exciting. Lane has taken painting workshops in London, Scottsdale, and Colorado Springs, where she lives with her husband Jeff and two lovely daughters.

Lane shares her passion for art by teaching both adults and kids and loves every minute of it. Her style of teaching is unique in that she encourages the students to choose subjects they are excited about creating, whether it's landscapes, still lifes, fantasy, animals, abstracts etc. She works with each student individually, giving specific step-by-step directions and demonstrating brushstrokes, color mixing, etc. so they understand how to create different effects. The studio is cheerful and cozy with all supplies available for watercolors, acrylic paintings, mixed media or oil paintings. Some of her students have gone on to win awards in juried art shows and some have begun to sell their paintings as a result of taking ongoing classes with her. "Teaching art is refreshing to my soul. I love seeing students grow in their talent, and create art they are proud of. It's such fun to see adults who 'can't paint a stick figure' walk out of the studio with a fantastic painting and a surprised smile on their face. They often say 'I didn't think it was going to turn out, but somehow at the end it all came together. I can't believe I actually painted this!' The kids are a joy to work with, I don't know who has more fun, them or me!"

Fun fact: several of Lane's paintings had been purchased by a doctor and were hanging in his office here in Colorado....a burglar broke in late one night and instead of grabbing the computers and credit card machines, he had all of her paintings lined up by the back door to steal them. The police arrived and arrested him before he could get away! "That is quite a compliment!" she said when the news was shared with her. I guess you could say her paintings are "priceless."